Woodbine Racetrack’s CEO Hopeful About Future Single-Event Sports Betting on Site

Woodbine Racetrack is among the most emblematic locations for horse racing and gaming in Toronto and its popularity is rising with each passing day. This year is dedicated to many improvements when it comes to the racing offerings on site, providing horsemen with more live racing days, as well as potentially expanding its sports wagering offerings to the delight of all enthusiasts.

At this point, it is more than clear that wagering on sports events and their outcome is not going anywhere. It has been present among people interested in sports ever since the Roman empire, as it combines two of the most eclectic activities with competitive nature – sports and gambling. Now Woodbine is willing to make a move and enter the sports wagering field with more sports worth wagering on.

Could Sports Betting Expansion Help Horse Racing?

Jim Lawson is the Chief Executive Officer of Woodbine Entertainment Group who recently made it clear that the location is willing to explore more opportunities when it comes to sports betting. Woodbine Racetrack is well-known for being the biggest racecourse on a national scale and as such, interest towards it is at a constant surge. What will boost it even further would be the addition of pigskin and professional league sports wagering to the already existing offerings.

Ever since the spring of 2018 when the United States Supreme Court overturned PASPA preventing wagering on sports events, the field has been booming and many of the states have been constantly working on devising their unique set of rules. In an attempt to regulate the field, lawmakers have been seeking ways in which they could best utilize the potential of sports wagering and interest towards it.

This wave of wagering on sports events took over the states, but it appears that Canada is still contemplating the possibility of sports betting regulation. Many experts even go so far as to claim that provinces which allow some form of wagering on sports events are sleeping on the opportunity to amass great gaming revenues thanks to an expanded and well-regulated sports betting field.

US Might Trigger the Change

Single-game wagering in Canada is considered illegal, but according to Woodbine Racetrack’s CEO now is the time for a change and for the introduction of something new. Players eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bet on single events not only online via foreign gaming providers, but also in prick and mortar facilities such as the biggest racecourse in Canada.

The location already has what it takes to offer single-event sports wagering, as Mr. Lawson recently pointed out. The system will guarantee both on-site and online wagering on sports events, utilizing the full potential of Woodbine Racetrack’s system. Ontario is one of the provinces which relies on the horseracing field and thousands of people are directly impacted by the decline of popularity of this activity.

It could be recalled that the province contemplated the Slots at Racetracks program for some time, giving hope to many individuals directly linked to the sector, but in the end, these plans were scrapped. At the moment there are slot devices in operation at Woodbine Racetrack, but their support of the horse racing field is insubstantial, which prompts seeking alternative sources of purses funding. Upcoming months will see New York work on its own sports wagering regulation, which could trigger a Canadian set of rules in the foreseeable future.

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