Will CA$3M Mount Royal Mansion Photo Contest Need Raffle License?

This year has been special in many ways, but especially when it comes to homeowners seeking alternative inventive approaches to sell their luxurious houses. Following the worldwide success of Alla Wagner and her Millarville CA$1.7-million house for sale, another Mount Royal mansion could be claimed in a contest that resembles a lottery. Could this be a controversial situation waiting to happen?

A couple from Calgary has found itself in a pickle, as their lavish mansion ended up being harder to sell than they expected. It retails at about CA$3 million and as it is evident by the long struggles to sell it, this complicated matters substantially. Teresa Rambold and Bill Wyrostok had the idea of a dream house in their heads and they worked hard to achieve it. Ever since 2014, their idea was to create a place where they can raise their children and live for many years.

Calgary Couple Claims This Is Not a Lottery

As it turned out, the idea was more costly than projected. Their debt was also rising, eventually prompting the sale attempts. Due to the high price, very few people showed interest in the property. The Calgary market was unprepared for such a retail price, so a solution had to be found in a timely manner.

Following in the footsteps of the Millarville woman seeking the new owner of her mansion via an essay contest, the Calgary couple launched their very own contest. It might appear to be based on the lottery principle, but the two of them made it clear that this is not a raffle. Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission has not issued a permit for lottery operation to the couple.

It could be recalled that the Millarville woman had consulted the commission prior to the contest launch, as to ensure that it does not breach any existing gaming regulation on a provincial level. It should be certain that there is not an element of chance involved in the lottery-like contest. Everyone interested in winning the CA$3-million mansion has to pay CA$35 for entering the race. In addition to that, every participant has to send a photo of their pet.

CA$35 and a Pet Photo Equals an Entry

In order to optimize the selection work at a later point, for every 1,000 photos, a semi-finalist will be chosen. The couple has capped this contest at 100,000 photos, meaning that by the beginning of November there should be only 100 pet photos remaining. A non-profit, unbiased board of directors will have the hard task of looking through all of them and choosing the best contestant.

However, the winner of this lottery-like contest will not be only one, as the second and third-ranking pet photos will also have a positive impact on two animal charitable organizations in Alberta. Those are the MEOW Foundation, based in Calgary, and the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. The photos that rank second, third and fourth at the end of the contest will result in three CA$50,000 donations to the two organizations.

In addition to that, another CA$100,000 will also be donated to the aforementioned organizations. It could be recalled that a Millarville woman trying to sell her CA$1.7-million house implemented a similar approach. Enthusiasts from around the globe have to send their essays on how this home could change their lives in addition to CA$25. Just like in the Calgary contest, a panel of unbiased judges will choose the winner, meaning that this is not a lottery either, but instead a skill-based contest.

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