Tip-Off Money-Laundering Portal Operates for Another Month Supporting Peter German’s Report

British Columbians will have more time to chime in and provide their essential tip-offs when it comes to money-laundering with the help of the special online portal collecting information. This Wednesday brought the news that the anonymous platform will be in operation for one more month thanks to the deadline extension that has the potential to attract even more information from people that are in the know.

Money-laundering is among the hot topics both across British Columbia and on a national level, but what is even more important is for the local government to seek ways in which it could prevent such practices from being employed in the future. The magnitude of the issue turned out being even larger than initial estimations, reaching CA$2 billion a year washed by criminal organizations and both legal and illegal casino venues across the province.

Tip-Offs Propel ahead Anticipated Report

Recent revelations updating the previously estimated amount of cash that went through casino venues in the province is among the reasons why British Columbia lawmakers have decided to extend the deadline for anonymous tip-offs on fields to the likes of money laundering, real estate, and luxury cars. Up until now, individuals had until January 31 to make their way to the online platform and share their experiences in an anonymous manner.

Now it is known that the online platform is going to be fully operational until the end of February, potentially attracting even more useful tip-offs that will be of great help to former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deputy Commissioner Peter German who is actively working on the subject at the moment. Ever since its launch mid-November, the portal has seen quite the interest from people in possession of information on such illegal schemes.

What further encourages them to participate in the tip-off collection is the fact that they are able to retain their anonymity, meaning that they are not afraid to speak their mind and be as sincere as possible. Casino laundromats, as they have often been referred to are a serious issue that has taken over the field in a very subtle way. Copious amounts of cash have been laundered with the help of a third-party scheme utilized by Chinese high-rollers.

March 2019 Could See More Details

In addition to that, the real estate field also fell prey to criminals willing to wash their dirty cash, evident by the high prices of apartments throughout British Columbia. Last summer Mr. German issued his extensive report on money-laundering across Lower Mainland, but now he is dedicating his efforts to gathering more information on industries such as the real estate one, horse racing and luxury cars purchases and sales.

March 2019 is expected to be one of the highlights of the year, as it could see the report issuing that would shed more light on the illegal practices. In addition to that, former Deputy Attorney General Maureen Maloney could also be ready with his independent report that will strive to propose working techniques.

He would aim to bring improvements to the existing set of rules overseeing the field which could put an end to illegal practices. The tip-off portal for Mr. German’s long-anticipated report is one of the ways in which information could be provided. Individuals also have the option of contacting Crime Stoppers by dialing 1-800-222-8477.

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