This March Be Ready for Alberta Gambling Research Institute’s 18th Annual Conference

The gaming field is a vast field which includes many smaller sectors which work together in synchronicity in order to guarantee players have the best entertainment experience. Just like many others, this entertainment offering triggering satisfaction has addictive potential which could end up doing more harm to players rather than good. The Alberta Gambling Research Institute will aim to provide its point of view on the ever-changing gaming field with the help of its 18th Annual Conference this March.

Conferences are a good way for people in the industry to keep up with the constant developments in the field and make sure they are at pace with both other companies and the latest gaming research. One of the most important conferences is scheduled to take place on March 28 in Banff, Alberta raising awareness of the constantly transforming gaming field and what it has on offer. It is going to span over three days dedicating as much time as needed for delving deep into the conversation.

More Information on the Ever-Changing Gaming Field

The conference is projected to feature presentations and panels with many speakers with an inside perspective of the gaming field. Topics of discussion are going to cover controversial subjects relevant to this day and age. One such topic will cover the disappearing border between gaming and gambling nowadays and the direction of development competitive gaming could follow in the foreseeable future.

Another conversation will raise awareness when it comes to the addictive nature of gambling, focusing on harm and addiction. There is a fine line between them which, if understood could bring better results for those experiencing the negative aspects of gambling. Problem gambling is a concerning issue raging through many communities on a different scale, but more often than not people with addictive personality are the first to fall prey to gambling.

In this sense, they should be provided the needed help and support in such trying times through treatment. However, prevention of the issue as a whole is also important and should not be overlooked as a crucial step.

Individuals tend to respond better to in-person consultations with gambling addiction experts and counselors assisting them in the battle against problem gambling. There are online interventions as well, once again different than the original one and therefore in need of a better understanding.

Details Around the Conference

The conference will strive to shed more light on these processes and projections are that it will be able to attract people interested in researching the matter, individuals taking care of gambling addicts, officials who have to devise policies overseen the gaming field, as well as workers at both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. In-depth research on the subject is more than crucial as it provides a better understanding of the problematic subject.

The Alberta Gambling Research Institute brings together the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge joining forces in order to maximize their potential and support research across Alberta. Speakers featured at the conference will be to the likes of Prof. Matthew Browne, Central Queensland University, Dr. John Cunningham and Dr. Lena C. Quilty, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and University of Toronto.

Tickets are available in three tiers, the first one being the Early Bird entry ticket that amounts to CA$519.75. Once this period is over, regular-priced tickets will cost CA$682.50 for adults, as well as CA$309.75 for students.

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