The Future Is Now: New York Sees Mobile Sports Betting in the Next Few Weeks

New York could soon see the launch of its sports wagering in a regulated manner with the appropriate protection for all players engaging in it. This Tuesday brought the official announcement that mobile sports betting could be possible by the end of June, confirmed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He made it clear that the offering could launch, despite previous concerns that it will take years before it becomes available.

The state is preparing for the official greenlighting of the gaming offering and in weeks this could be a reality available for all sports betting enthusiast. Projections are that the local field could surpass Nevada when it comes to gaming revenue generated and engagement in the sports wagering activity. Up until now, the future field was contemplating the possibility of launching mobile sports betting and evaluating the pros and cons of online gaming. Gov. Cuomo recently stated that this could happen as early as June.

Mobile Sports Wagering Comes to New York

Previous conversations on the topic highlighted that the launch of mobile sports betting is going to require a constitutional amendment on a state level that was going to postpone the offering even further. However, estimations show that mobile sports betting is going to bring the state more than US$1 billion in gaming revenue on an annual basis.

In the meantime, sports betting available in brick-and-mortar facilities only could amass US$48.3 million per year. This information might have prompted officials to reconsider their previous position and now it is time for action, as time is also a factor. Gov. Cuomo pointed out that the month of June is going to bring the end of the legislative session and wagering on sports events could launch before that.

The mobile offering could also be a possibility seeming feasible right now. This statement directly contradicts his own position issue earlier this year, when he was convinced that a state constitutional amendment would be mandatory for the launch of mobile sports betting. A referendum allowing people the chance to cast their vote was also eyed.

Previous Concerns Remain

It is all a matter of priorities and since the money for decision-making has come, officials have to put all efforts into the sports wagering regulation. Working in a timely manner is going to guarantee that the gaming offering launches before the last days of June. Sen. Joseph Addabbo is among the supporters of mobile sports wagering, as it would make it possible for New York to keep up with other states that have already greenlighted the offering.

There were specifics to that proposed plan for action that mandated initial registration on site of the gaming venue before mobile sports betting is allowed. The casino venues are also supposed to have the computer servers installed on their premises. Those venues are the commercial casinos Resorts World Catskills, Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady, del Lago Resort and Casino, and Tioga Downs, as well as the seven tribal casino venues.

Gov. Cuomo continues his conversation with the New York Legislature ahead of the end of the session, as previously discussed concerns related to the Constitution remain. May 20 saw the official deadline for comments on the proposed set of rules, giving New Yorkers the chance to state their position and propose changes to the regulation.

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