Sports Media Starts Single-Event Sports Betting Conversation with Ottawa Officials

Single-event sports wagering is still considered illegal in Canada, tempting locals to place their bets on foreign gaming platforms and offshore sites. Peter Curtis, a founding partner of Toronto-based Pathway Group made evident his desire to push Ottawa officials in this new direction by lobbying on behalf of theScore. Regulated wagering on single sports events is going to retain CA$110 million annually within Canadaโ€™s borders.

Conversation on legal sports wagering that could make Canada a competitive gaming market and make it an equal rival of the US has been in progress for many years. Attempts at legalizing it have been made in the past, but to no avail. Ontarioโ€™s Progressive Conservative government recently presented its 2019 budget claiming that a sports wagering legalization push is going to be made in the foreseeable future.

Soon after the announcement, theScore expressed its support to both sports wagering and the online gambling market liberation that would introduce new players in the online gambling field. Such a move has the potential to modernize Canadaโ€™s gaming field, subsequently eliminating the need for betting on foreign sportsbooks and traveling to the US.

John Levy, Founder and CEO of theScore was quick to praise the efforts in this direction, as this could make Canada one of the newest sports betting hubs in North America and global level. The media outlet made it clear that it could support the process with its essential knowledge and guidance. In addition to that, the brand could also offer quality sports wagering to its players and current supporters.

Now a lobbyist is about to push further and commence a conversation with the federal government that could speed up the process. Mr. Curtis is going to start the conversations with MPs and the Prime Ministerโ€™s Office. This could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to single-event sports wagering across Ontario and Canada in general. The upcoming weeks would see the beginning of a conversation on this crucial topic.

Lobbyist Files Registration

It is not a secret to anyone that theScore has taken the continent by storm with its sports applications. It is also planning to launch its very own sports betting operation in New Jersey. This could happen as soon as this summer, as the state boasts a vibrant online gambling and sports wagering field. Players ought to have the entire gaming experience, according to Mr. Levy and the company is going to work towards this goal.

In the meantime, support for single-event wagering continues rising. This movement is also boosted by New York Stateโ€™s plans of regulating sports wagering in the foreseeable future. Michigan could also introduce its very own set of rules guiding the field, which would spell disaster for Canada if action is not taken. The regulation in a timely manner is going to make Canada an equal competitor for gambling revenue.

It could be recalled that the month of March saw Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli reach out to his federal counterpart Bill Morneau with the idea of Criminal Code amendment that could decriminalize wagering on single sports events. He pointed out that a total of eight states already boast budding sports wagering sectors and more are projected to join them.

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