Quebec’s Salon de Jeux Could Push the Community towards Better Days

Salon de Jeux du Quebec is one of the gambling locations that has been boosting the local community for many years now. The location with history is now threatened by relocation, as Coalition Avenir Quebec wants to expand it to a casino venue and relocate it to Charlevoix. Local organizations such as La Ruche Vanier want to keep the gaming facility in the area, as it offers regular allocation to the community, and also as it will spell death for Casino de Charlevoix if relocated.

Gambling operation has the potential to attract quite the crowd on a daily basis and make sure that all players receive the best opportunity of winning big. Gaming revenue generated by the location is also able to boost the local community with the help of regular allocations to the city coffers. Some percentage of the revenue generated via gambling is able to fund various local projects, beautification works, and various open-air areas.

Gambling Hall Draws Players, Cash to Coffers

Such is the case with Salon de Jeux in Quebec City. In times of need, organizations are willing to seek the support of like-minded people or to publicly issue their position on a given subject. François Labbé, General Manager of La Ruche Vanier, pointed out recently that the gambling location should remain in the region.

He made it clear that Salon de Jeux du Quebec is able to financially support Vanier and the region with its gaming revenue allocations. He went on to disagree with the position issued by the provincial government that the region is vulnerable and thus, a relocation should take place. However, problem gambling should not be the driving force propelling the gambling venue away from Quebec City.

Video Lottery Terminals are among the main gambling offerings for individuals in less developed areas of the province, according to a recent study. Mr. Labbé, stated that Vanier is among the regions struggling financially at the moment and relocation would be devastating. Instead of doing this, the provincial government has to put in efforts and push the area in a positive direction through many new projects.

Casino de Charlevoix Could Suffer

What should be taken into account is that the beginning of May brought news that the gambling location is going to remain in its current location at the Fleur-de-Lys shopping center. Loto-Quebec inked an extension to its lease for operation that will see the venue continue attracting players to the area until the fall of 2021. The news about possible relocation stirred the pot on a local level, but also in Charlevoix.

Over the past few years, Casino de Charlevoix has witnessed a staff reduction reaching 40 percent, corresponding with the lower number of players making it to the casino venue on a regular basis. The casino employees have also seen a reduction in their wages, another negative consequence. Projections are that the relocation of Salon de Jeux du Quebec is could potentially lead to the cannibalization of the field.

The casino venue has been in operation over the past quarter century in Charlevoix and its future could be jeopardized by the potential gambling hall relocation. October is the month eyed by all Canadians, as it will bring the Canadian Federal Election on October 21. François Legault’s political formation could receive the majority’s approval and this could change the course of development.

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