Nova Scotia Probes into Public Opinion on Proposed Variable-Time Casino Self-Exclusion Program

Problem is a serious issue which needs all the attention and conscious efforts towards curbing coming from casino patrons themselves. Over the span of the following month the province of Nova Scotia is going to welcome useful feedback from gambling venues in relation to the existing voluntary self-exclusion from casino venues in the capital region.

Starting this Monday, permanent residents of the province have the chance to provide their essential feedback when it comes to the existing program which aims to curb compulsive gambling across the field. People have the chance to make the conscious move and commit to not entering casino venues by listing their names in the self-exclusion program. With its help, they are no longer allowed to enter brick-and-mortar casino facilities in Halifax.

People Prepare to Porivde Useful Opinion

Information about people’s experience with the program could be provided via the online platform specifically designed to facilitate the process of information collecting. Participants in the survey are going to provide information and personal insights into the way the program could change their lives, as well as provide helpful advice as to how it could be improved in the future.

The information sought with the help of this public and voluntary research includes the general amount of time people would prefer when it comes to their self-exclusion. As changes are on their way, it will be useful if voters propose the most suitable for them time period they consider sufficient for curbing their gambling enthusiasm once it reaches unhealthy extent. Another interesting point of this research is the subsequent re-entry in the gambling field.

Once the self-exclusion period comes to an end, players will have the right to be allowed once again on the gambling scene and commence gaming in their spare time. Many people could do this in order to test their willpower when it comes to gambling, especially if they have had a rough experience with compulsive gambling. However, there are individuals who prefer to maintain their time spent at casino venues limited.

Compulsive Gambling Has a Devastating Impact

The third and last aspect of this research seeks to understand the thought process of a casino enthusiast returning to a casino venue once the exclusion period is over. The impact of taking a break is crucial in this sense and it should be inspected with the help of individuals participating in the research. Finance and Treasury Board Minister Karen Casey stated the public input in this situation is crucial and could provide useful guidance for lawmakers.

Up until this point, the program featured a lifetime ban from participating in gambling activities, but the month of October saw a proposed legislation aiming to introduce changes to it and allow shorter periods of the voluntary ban. Some 2,000 individuals participate in this program at the moment, which ranks the Nova Scotia province around the bottom of the rank list across Canada. Other provinces also feature such programs, but they are variable time period only.

Now the proposed amendment could use the useful information and ideas coming from the people who will use it, shaping it in the most suitable manner. Over the span of the following weeks until December 31, they will have the chance to provide their answers, followed by a period of evaluation.

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