Mayor John Tory Claims Ontario Place Will Seek Public Input on Casino Venue and Other Ideas

Ontario Place is one of the ambitious renovation projects in Toronto area which stirs the pot and draws the attention with its potential to shape the field. Recently James Ginou received the right to return to his previous Chairman position, which in turn concerned opposers of the previously proposed casino project. This Tuesday saw Mayor John Tory pointing out that Premier Doug Ford had claimed he will collaborate for a mutually beneficial renovation.

The past few weeks have been quite heated when it comes to Ontario Place’s renovation project and the uncertainty around it. There have been many speculations as to what it would feature and whether or not there would be a casino venue constructed at such a hotspot for both locals and tourists. People opposing the idea claim that it is going to result in a problem gambling surge, due to the easy access a large number of people will have to the gambling facility.

Toronto Worried by Casino Venue Construction

These concerns have been further fueled by the recent appointment of Mr. Ginou who is known to be a friend of Premier Ford. Their relation could result in a conflict of interest and a possible move towards casino venue construction, as the Premier openly states his support of such. In an attempt to reassure people concerned by this possibility, Mayor Tory briefly mentioned the subject during his speech at an event this Tuesday.

He stated that there is no reason for panic at this point, as he discussed the subject recently with Premier Ford. Mayor Tory stated that he had the chance to pick the Premier’s mind and what he learned turned out being reassuring. According to him, all parties involved in the conversation will aim to collaborate in order to create something better for the waterfront area.

Public input will also be crucial for the future development of the 51-hectare location, as it will directly affect members of the community. The Mayor claimed that Ontario Place is one of a kind for the Lake Ontario area and as such it should be treated with respect when it comes to the entertainment offerings it features. In this sense, Mr. Ginou’s comment is not something that worries Mayor Tory, since he has the reassurance of the Premier.

January 12 Will See a Rally

It could be recalled that Premier Ford had previously proposed casino venue construction at Exhibition Place in the vicinity of Ontario Place, but back then this idea saw an overwhelming rejection from the local council. Even though he has not discussed the subject since then, Finance Minister Vic Fedeli made it clear that in this period of weighing all options for future development on site, all previously discussed projects are being considered.

The community is concerned by one particular statement coming from Mr. Ginou who preferred to openly state that the location is currently in such a state that would require serious reconstruction. He also stated that this would give Premier Ford the chance to have a say and possibly leave his own mark on it. Members of the community were quick to assume this would mean a casino venue located at such a high-traffic area.

Ontario’s government already has control over the situation, as November 2018 saw the greenlighting of a special act which aims to transfer all assets of Ontario Place to the Crown, essentially giving Premier Ford the right to swerve development in any preferred direction. This Saturday Waterfront For All going to provide locals with the chance to discuss the subject together with Toronto city councilors opposing the casino plan, as well as hopefully Mr. Ginou who have also been invited.

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