Have You Seen This Man? He Stole CA$1,000 in Lottery Tickets in Orillia

Lottery games appear to be quite attractive for individuals both with their scratch-off varieties and with traditional lottery games. In the past months, criminals appear to be drawn to the former type and this week saw yet another case of lottery tickets being stolen from Orillia, Ontario. This time they equated to some CA$1,000 and the police have been looking for the person who committed the crime.

The past several months have seen several cases of individuals stealing lottery tickets from various retail locations across the province and the crimes seem to become braver and bolder by the day. People want to win big from the said scratch-off tickets without purchasing them first, but more often than not, they miss a crucial detail. Even if one or several of the stolen tickets end up being a winning one they would have to send someone to collect the prize or do it themselves.

Lottery Thieves Are Braver Nowadays

Since the police are notified about the crime immediately after it has taken place, they would be monitoring retail locations in the area in anticipation of this return. As for the recent crime that happened in Orillia, it covered around six retail locations sprinkled throughout the town. A male is responsible for the crime and for the time being he is the only suspect visible on the CCTV footage.

Even though he was wearing a hoodie, his face was visible in all of the locations that feature surveillance systems Now the Orillia division of the Ontario Provincial Police are seeking to identify him with the help of community members that might know who he is. This information would make capturing him much easier so that the criminal behavior would not be unpunished.

The thief was able to make his way to each and every one of the six locations in the span of several hours between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. He engaged in conversation with the employees and ask to see the entire range of tickets they have on offer. Once he was presented with a variety of lottery tickets, he would grab some and dart off with the loot.

Residents Can Offer Information via Phone Calls

Along with the tickets, he had also stolen cigarettes, rounding the overall loot worth to about CA$1,000. Employees were quick to contact the authorities as quickly as possible and they provided the CCTV footage revealing the thief’s face. Now Orillia residents are encouraged to come forward with information about the suspect and facilitate the police.

They could do so by calling the Orillia OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or 705-326-3536. It could be recalled that the last days of February saw two individuals identified as Bruce Laroche, 40, and Thomas Laroche, 37, stealing an entire box of lottery tickets from Plympton Township’s London Line Petro-Canada location. Several days before that similar crimes took place in convenience stores on Patrick Street in Fordwich and on Dundas Street in Woodstock.

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