Guide to Using Interac at an Online Casino

We’ve discussed previously how popular Interac is becoming for depositing at an online casino due to its speed and security and in this article we’re going to outline a step by step guide to show you how it works and why it’s such a great option for Canadians.

In this guide, we are going to be playing at Casino Cruise as the example but the process is pretty much similar at any other online casino that accepts Interac.

One thing you will notice is that there are two options, Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer.  The difference is that Interac Online will allow you to transfer funds directly from your bank account using a payment gateway while Interac e-Transfer will require you to log into your bank account separately in order to perform the transfer.  Interac Online is a slightly faster process but isn’t as widely accepted as Interac e-Transfer as you’ll see later in this guide.

Let’s go through each one to see the difference:

Interac Online

Step 1 – Selecting Interac Online

In the deposit section, first select Interac Online and choose / enter in the amount you want to deposit and follow the prompts.

In this example, we chose to deposit $30 which we confirmed on the following screen:

Step 2 – Select your Banking Institution

Similarly to any regular Interac Online transaction you would perform on other e-commerce sites, here you will need to select your corresponding banking institution to transfer funds from.  After selecting your bank, you will then be forwarded to the payment gateway which is handled by Gigadat.

While it looks like you can select from a multitude of financial institutions/credit unions, you’ll see on the following screenshot that it’s actually not the case (only actually available to First Nations Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank and TD Canada Trust.  We’re not sure why online casinos do this but just take note that if your bank/credit union is not available then you’ll have to click on “Cancel” and select Interac e-Transfer instead.

For this example, we’re going to select RBC Royal Bank.


You will be then transferred to your corresponding bank’s website to process the transaction:

Confirm the amount you want to deposit from your bank account:

You will then receive a receipt for the transaction:

Your casino account is then instantly funded! No fees were applied and we can see the full amount in our account:

Now let’s have a look at what it’s like using Interac e-Transfer instead.

Interac e-Transfer

Step 1 – Select Interac e-Transfer

Go to the deposit section and select Interac e-Transfer and input the amount you want to transfer:

Confirm the amount on the following screen:

Step 2 – Select Your Banking Institution

Select your corresponding financial institution/credit union to deposit funds from.  You’ll notice that there are shortcuts at the top for the well-known banks but just below it, you’ll see a comprehensive list of financial institutions/credit unions you can choose from.  Unlike Interac Online, all of these options are viable which is the main advantage Interac e-Transfer has over Interac Online

Step 3 – Follow the deposit guidelines provided

After selecting your financial institution/credit union, you’ll be shown the following email address and security question/answer:

Fill out the above details in your corresponding bank and you’ll then notice that your account is now funded instantly!

Withdrawing funds

Withdrawing is as simple as going into the “My Account” section and clicking on “Withdraw”

Note: If it is your very first time withdrawing from the casino, sometimes they may ask you for proof of identity before processing the transaction. In this instance, Casino Cruise did ask us to verify 3 items which were:
– Proof of Identity
– Proof of Address
– Proof of Payment Method

During this period, the withdrawal request is put on hold until those items are verified:

Once this process is complete, transactions to and from the casino are pretty much instant.


As you can see, the process for using Interac for playing at online casinos is quite simple and is similar to making a transaction at any regular e-commerce website.

We’ve outlined how you can use either Interac Online or Interac e-Transfer which are both fast and secure options and it’s just up to personal preference which one you choose to use.  Interac Online might require less steps, however Interac e-Transfer might be the only option you have depending on your chosen financial institution/credit union.

While there might be an inevitable initial waiting period to confirm your identity details on withdrawal, it’s worth going through considering any subsequent transaction will be extremely seamless and instant.

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