Grey Eagle Casino Brings a Wide Array of Generous Events across DeepStacks Poker Tour Championship

The highly-anticipated poker festival DeepStacks Poker Tour Championship which recently transformed Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary was one of the most heated arenas for poker battle in the country. Today we are going to review three more poker tournaments of its rich schedule which managed to make several skillful players richer than before.

The fifth event of this poker festival was none other than the No Limit Hold’em – Team Event providing players with the chance to put their skills to the test by playing in couples. Around the globe, this type of event usually enjoys quite the attention as it is able to amp up the heat on the felt. Mandatory buy-in for this event reached some CA$275 + $25, meaning that the cash prizes will be among the relatively generous ones.

Players from Near and Far Register for Participation

They reached a total of CA$15,414 which had to be divided among the top 8 teams which had registered for participation and managed to make it all the way to the Final Table. Single-day events usually guarantee quite the fast-paced game and this was the case at Event #5 as well. A total of 59 entries made their way in time before the registration window closed, each and every one of them willing to reach the throne as a team.

The lucky couple of players comprised of Tyler St. St. Clair and Steve Debarge, who outplayed all rivals on the way to the top. Each of them bagged some CA$2,775 for their excellent performance. The runner-up position on the official rank list of this event was reserved for the team of Peter Hidds and Canadian player Catherine Ng, claiming CA$1,630 each.

Hiroaki Harada, who already bagged twice in previous events of the poker festival was also among the top players, finishing fourth together with Canadian player Joon Park and claiming some CA$694. Another riveting event worthy of attention was the seventh one on the schedule – No Limit Hold’em – 6-Max which is a preferred poker game across poker festivals all over the globe. Buy-in for this event amounted to CA$360 + $40 providing players with some impressive payouts as well as the overall prize pool of CA$64,802.

Poker Festival Brings Thousands of Canadian Dollars in Payouts

At the end of this single-day event, the skillful winner was Canadian player Kevin Martin bagging a total of CA$15,181 by outplaying 167 rivals. When all is said and done, Phil Wright was the one who had to settle for the consolation prize of CA$9,946 at the end of the day, as he could not outplay the winner. Another Canadian player, Santiago Plante claimed the bronze in this event and bagged a total of CA$5,860.

The eighth event of this poker congregation was another single-day event – the No Limit Hold’em – Turbo one, which promises heated and fast-paced action to all entries. Their number reached 118 at the end of the registration period and each of them had to provide some CA$275 + $25. This is how with their joint efforts the overall prize pool of this tournament reached CA$30,827.

The eventual winner who managed to defeat all opponents on the felt was Brasilian poker player Antonie Pereira bagging a total of CA$9,094. Andre Benoit played in an excellent manner, but he could not make it all the way to the top and claimed the runner-up position at the end of the day, coming with CA$5,626.

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