Couple Bags Jaw-Dropping CA$25.9M Jackpot, Purchases Ford Mustang Shelby and More

Lottery winnings are among the happy news people want to hear more about, such as the not-so-small fortune that a happy couple of Merritt recently came forward to bag at BCLC’S headquarters in Kamloops. Rowena Inyallie and George Munro managed to match all seven digits of the latest Lotto MAX draw and this guaranteed them a better life thanks to the CA$25.9-million windfall. The two of them were eager to bag their prize, but neither of them could believe it is really happening.

This Wednesday was a special one for the young couple from Merritt, as the two lucky winners made their way to Kamloops where they collected their prize. One of the recent lottery draws that took place on February 22 was the one that multiplied their CA$6 investment and transformed it in the generous payout they eventually bagged. The story behind it is even more interesting, as they were at the Shah’s Courtesy Corner store when they had the idea to buy two Lotto MAX tickets along with the cranberry juice and chocolate bar they had in their shopping cart.

Merritt Couple Claims Jackpot in Kamloops

This decision ended up being a pivotal point in their life, as it set them on the path to becoming Canada’s newest millionaires. They purchased the ticket only hours before the draw was scheduled to happen, proving that there are times when intuition works in its own ways and guides people to what is right for them. This store appears to have something special to it, as a ticket purchased there claimed another grand jackpot in 2013.

On February 6, 2013 the then-50-year-old Mitchell Shuter became a multimillionaire after his lucky purchase of a Lotto 6/49 ticket from this very corner shop. He was eligible for a windfall of CA$11,073,738. Projections are that the retail location is going to become even more popular as a result of the most recent second hefty jackpot it guaranteed. Mr. Munro stated that he is still unable to fathom what is happening and that he is now a multimillionaire.

He recalls that when the draw was over he checked the two tickets they had bought earlier. Scanning them was the easiest way to do so, eliminating the possibility of mistakes and unwanted disappointment. The first ticket he scanned ended up being far from the numbers drawn. This is when he moved on to the second one and upon scanning it, he saw the digits appear on the screen. However, his first thought was far from the truth.

Dream Cars Are among the First Purchases

At first, he thought that the ticket could bring the two of them CA$25,000 and he got so excited he wanted to double check. This is when it dawned upon him that the real jackpot reaches CA$25,951,985.90. The winning numbers that appeared on the screen were 06-31-33-34-43-44-46, plus the bonus number 22, but for this grand jackpot matching the first seven of them was more than enough.

Once they were certain what the actual jackpot equates to they called their loved ones and told them the good news. Rowena said that upon hearing that her daughter is now a millionaire, her mother dropped the phone in dismay. The lucky couple decided to make a Ford F350 their first purchase with the jackpot cash. In addition to this vehicle, they also ordered a brand new Ford Mustang Shelby to match it. On their agenda at the moment is upgrading their house, fixing things around, and helping t

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