Cascades Casino Chatham Two Months Ahead of Schedule, Recruitment Starts Soon

Chatham is projected to become one of the gaming hotspots in the foreseeable future, as construction at the corner of Richmond Street and Keil Drive continues with full speed. This is where the future Cascades Casino Chatham is going to rise, offering players its wide array of slot devices and table games. At this point work on site continues despite the winter weather conditions and the project goes according to plan.

Ever since the initial announcement of the casino construction in March 2018, Chatham has been busing with excitement for the new gaming facility which has the potential to change the scene and attract many new individuals to the location. Furthermore, the casino facility will be able to boost the city coffers with its gaming revenue, which is always one of the great features of a casino venue. The CA$36-million project is well on its way to transform the community within the next few months.

Construction Goes According to Plan

The new premium facility is projected to launch of operation and welcome its first casino patrons around June or July this year. This means that time is ticking away and should not be wasted. Even though January might not be the best month for construction work, Gateway Casinos has found a way to continue work without any interruptions now that the outer shell has been finished, in addition to the roofing.

Workers on site have already provided the location with the needed heating system, covering the entire space. Furthermore, the electrical system has also been installed and fully functioning. Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos stated that changing weather conditions would not affect the work on site and the construction on site takes place according to the previously appointed time schedule.

At this stage work on site progresses on the interior of the casino venue, as it has to meet the high expectations of future visitors. On the agenda right now is ductwork, mandatory for a venue of this scale. Moreover, plumbers will soon appear onsite as well, as they will ensure the venue has the needed water system and sewage. There will be three main areas within the casino venue and they are almost finished with concrete.

Job Fairs and Training to Start Soon

Chatham’s new casino venue is expected to launch operation mid-2019, but work on the facility commenced in July 2018. Since this is an ambitious project, it needs time to be finished and so far work on the CA$36-million venue has been steadily progressing. Up until now, construction has been going according to the previously issued schedule, the only hiccups occurring in the autumn time which comes with heavy rains.

According to Mr. Mitchell, it is safe to say that the casino venue is a couple of months ahead of schedule, which is an accomplishment worth noting. The location will need a well-trained staff, which is why over the months ahead of its launch job fairs will be hosted in Chatham. Individuals approved for new positions within the workforce will undergo training after which they will qualify for the job.

Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and roulette will be available on site, and all of them require trained specialists overseeing them. Up to 200 individuals will have the chance to work on site and provide casino patrons with the best service. Apart from gaming offerings, the venue will also provide players with two premium dining locations – The Buffet and the signature MATCH Eatery and Public House.

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