Callander Township Seeks to Attract Regular Payments from Future Cascades Casino North Bay

Casino development has the potential to significantly boost the economy of every community with the help of the gambling revenue generated and the portion allocated to the local coffers. Now the township of Callander is willing to make the best of the potential casino venue which is set to launch operation in 2020 overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment.

Gambling plans for the area have been in existence for about a year now, as the leading casino developer and operator has been eyeing the location for its brand new casino facility. The permit for developing in this area came as a result of the 20-year operation deal between the casino operator and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. This North Gaming Bundle included licensing for building new venues in the areas of North Bay and Kenora.

Mutual Benefit for Neighboring Townships

Now the Mayor of Callander, the township which is situated in the vicinity of the proposed site of construction, stated that gaming operation could significantly improve the region with regular payments. Hec Lavigne stated that the operation expected to commence in 2020 is going to benefit both the township he oversees and neighboring North Bay.

What should be negotiated in the foreseeable future is a mutually-beneficial arrangement between the two communities. Mayor Lavigne said that the region has been chosen for its increased flow of individuals and as a high traffic area, it could bring quite the revenue to the operator. However, it would be useful to think about ways in which the increase of individuals making their way to the gambling venue could be dealt with.

At the moment there is already a constant flow of cars, which is projected to surge once the premium casino facility launches operation. Callander Bay Drive is going to be heavily utilized for the purposes of traveling to and fro the casino venue. Recently, the community invested some CA$2 million in the renovation of the road and its change of pavement, making sure it is able to handle the increase in traffic.

Cascades Casino Project Eagerly Anticipated

Mayor Lavigne said the only fair approach towards this situation would be if the casino developer agrees to allocate a portion of the gaming revenue to the community of Callander, as locals will find it attractive as a gaming location. Pouring their money there and making use of its gambling offerings could potentially lead to an increase in the problem gambling rates in the region, which is why Callander deserves to experience the positive impact of a casino venue as well.

It should be pointed out that this was a personal opinion expressed by the Mayor and for the time being local officials have not backed or opposed the opportunity of bagging cash from the casino operation. More information is set to be issued in the upcoming weeks. Until that moment, it is known that the casino venue will launch operation in the Pinewood Park Drive area. Construction of the new facility has been estimated to amount to some CA$31.3 million.

East Ferris is a community located about a 10-minute drive from Callander and Pauline Rochefort, elected to the position of Mayor of the city stated that the benefits from such operation are eagerly expected. Several months ago Callander notified OLG that it is willing to receive a portion of the revenue generated by the gaming facility, a proposal supported by East Ferris.

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