BC Center for Gambling Research Bags CA$1.36M over Next Five Years

Regular gambling evaluations are important in this day and age, as they provide the field with an up-to-date perspective on the problematic zones and what could be improved. The British Columbia government announced it is going to pour in some CA$1.36 million over the following five years into the Centre for Gambling Research at University of British Columbia. This would propel ahead problem gambling research and prevention.

Gambling addiction is a dangerous tendency that takes more victims than estimated. People often consider their gambling habits healthy and nothing to worry about, but the reality is that they struggle with staying afloat and manage to include gambling in their agenda on a regular basis. Research on the ways in which people could be helped once they realize the need for support, as well as reduction of the negative impact gaming could have would continue.

Gambling Addiction Research Continues

British Columbia Lottery Corporation together with the provincial government are willing to support positive measures that could prevent people from sinking deep into the gambling addiction swamp. The special center’s research is expected to be facilitated with the help of the special allocation that would spread over the following five years.

British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby stated that this investment reinforces the overall positive direction of development and strives to make a better gambling field for players seeking advice and support in trying times. Extensive research on the way gambling affects people have been in progress for the past five years and quite a lot has been accomplished over this period.

As many as 35 research papers have been issued, whereas some 30 students and assistants have been trained. Back in 2014 operation commenced and the initial allocation of CA$2 million offered by the BCLC and the local government guaranteed the smooth start of research. Now it was time for another five-year funding and the plan for action has already been devised by the Center of Gambling Research.

The University of British Columbia Supports Research

The upcoming five years are projected to be even more exciting for the research center than the previous five, as the bar has been set high. The UBC Centre for Brain Health is going to provide its brain scanner that would facilitate research on the dopamine response triggered by gambling. Discoveries from this research would pave the way for further research.

The foreseeable future is also projected to see wider collaboration with the British Columbia Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, focusing on the ways in which players could be positively affected while struggling with gambling addiction and its consequences. Luke Clark, director of the Centre was excited to see support renewal.

This would make easier the further research of the study of modern slot-machine games, markers of problem gambling when gambling online, in addition to neurobiological measures in people with gambling problems.

When it comes to British Columbian’s gambling habits and concern, they will have the opportunity to seek guidance and help via text messages, as the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch is willing to upgrade its services. Online and mobile offerings will be available in the foreseeable future, making it easier for players to receive guidance and advice.

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